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Audex Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Painting of Fire Drencher Line for Tank 5,6,7,8,9 & 10 (Old Tank) @ Ocean Tanker Project Nov-10 Jan-11
Fire Water Tank Ext. Cleaning Work, Blasting of 12" Elbow & 10" 90º Elbow Oct-10 Oct-10
Painting of 907 Valves Oct-10 Nov-10
Painting of Cooling Tower AEA 24 Add Material R5102-1 & R5102-2, Compressor Building & NOG Pipe Rack Add Platform Sep-10 Nov-10
Painting Work for Turbine & NOG 1(area 04) Aug-10 Nov-10
TANJUNG BIN-Painting Works for ATB Terminal & Jetty Topside Facilities Project. (Piping) Aug-10 In Progress
Valves Painting For 88 pcs Jul-10 Jul-10
Painting NOG2 (Pipe Rack) R1 Jul-10 Nov-10
PSA Pipe Painting Work May-10 Jun-10
Tanjung Bin Project (Plates & Raw Materials Shop Blasting and Panting Work) May-10 In Progress
Painting of Corrugated Aluminium Sheet for Ocean Tanker Mar-10 Apr-10
Hermes Piping Repair Painting Work Mar-10 Oct-10
Painting Works for 5 Sets of Hydrant Headers Mar-10 Mar-10
Tate & Lyle Piping Painting Work Mar-10 Apr-10
Supply of Manpower & Paint Material @ Ocean Tanker Project Feb-10 Feb-10
Painting Hermes Flare Feb-10 Mar-10
Painting on Galvanised 214 pcs Structures @ Tuas Power Scop Feb-10 Apr-10
Painting of UBA Flare System Feb-10 Nov-10
PSA Skid Spool Nov-09 Nov-09
PUB Line @ Tuas Power Aug-09 Aug-09
Fujairah Pipe & Pipe Support Painting Work Aug-09 Jan-10
B & P of Emergency Vent for T8601 , T8602 & T8603 Jun-09 Jun-09
Doom Roof V50 Tank for Painting Logo May-09 May-09
Pig Launcher 2 Sets May-09 Jun-09
Life Buoy May-09 Jun-09
H2 Plant Structural Painting May-09 Aug-09
Painting 1 No of Methyl Chloride Tank at Akzo Nobel Oct-08 Oct-08
Tate & Lyle Tank Internal & External Painting Work (17.2m x Ht 18m) Nov-07 Mar-08
Oiltanking Bunkering Facilities Painting Work Nov-07 Oct-08
Rotary - Other sites
Project Name Start End
Tank 539 Foam Line Painting Feb-10 Feb-10
Tank 539 Water Drain Valve Feb-10 Feb-10
Tank Numbering For T-8104 Feb-10 Feb-10
Module Touch-up Painting Work Feb-10 Feb-10
Chevron Fire House Concrete Wall Jan-10 Jan-10
Chervon Seagate To Tankfarm 541 Jan-10 Jan-10
Chervon Thiam Joo Manifold & Pump House Area Jan-10 Jan-10
Chervon Tankfarm 521, 522 & 523 Area Jan-10 Jan-10
Chervon Pump House 3 Area Jan-10 Jan-10
Chervon Neptune Prj. Site Additional Painting Jan-10 Jan-10
Chervon DIMO Office Jan-10 Jan-10
Chervon Sub-Station 3 Area Pipeline Jan-10 Jan-10
Chervon Site Road Cap Painting Work Jan-10 Feb-10
New Epoxy Painting @ TTLR Dec-09 Jan-10
Loading & Suction Replacement Dec-09 Feb-10
Cross-Over Platform, Valves & Structure Dec-09 Jan-10
Power Seraya Insulated Values 1/2" to 6" Aug-09 Aug-09
Power Seraya Maintenance Platforms Jul-09 Aug-09
Phase 10 Splash Zone Unpainted Steel Plate Additional Work Apr-09 Apr-09
Roof Replacement in PHA(142 / 144 / 146 / 148) Mar-09 Jan-10
Chem 5 Pipe bridge Painting Work Jan-09 Feb-09
Additional Material For Chevron Diesel Tank Project (B & P) Nov-08 Nov-08
Existing Diesel Tank Structural LAGP Oct-08 Nov-08
Chevron Additional Painting Work Oct-08 Oct-08
Tank External & Internal Painting Work @ Power Seraya Oct-08 Dec-08
Painting Works for Galvanized, Insulated Pipes, Piping Material & Structure Steels @ Power Seraya Aug-08 Sep-08
Tank External & Internal and Piping Painting Work - Phase 10 Jun-08 Mar-09
Shell Module Painting Work Mar-08 May-08
Oiltanking Base Skid Painting Work Mar-08 Jun-08
CIBA Maintenance PV Mar-08 Mar-08
Chevron Oronite Tank Non-Skid Painting Work - Tank 530 / Tank 531 / Tank 532 Feb-08 Mar-08
Tank External Painting work at Chevron Oronite on Tank 531 Jan-08 Feb-08
Tank External Painting work at Chevron Oronite on Tank 530 Nov-07 Dec-07
Tank External Painting work at Chevron Oronite on Tank 532 Jul-07 Aug-07
Painting & Paint touch-up at OTS for all Pipe Support/Rack/Guide and Platform Structure
@ Jet Fuel Storage Facilities at Oil Tanking.
Feb-05 Jun-05
HSL Constructor Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Painting PL 1237 & 1236 @ OTS Jetty Entrance to Old Battery Ltd Feb-08 Oct-08
Painting on 1 unit Oiltanking Terminal Marine Loading Arm 404 & Site Blasting & Painting @ OTS Oct-07 Oct-07
Exterior & Interior Painting on Sub-Station 80, 82 & 84 Sep-07 Sep-07
Painting 1 Unit Operator Shelter Interior @ OSCJ Sep-07 Oct-07
Painting of 1 unit MLA 401 Loading Arm @ Tuas Road Yard Aug-07 Aug-07
OTS Main Building & Retaining Wall Concrete Painting Jul-06 Aug-06
Consolidated Painting Work on Various Material @ OTS Jun-06 Jun-06
Painting of One Loading Arm MLA 201 Jun-06 Jul-06
Tank 332 @ OTS Jan-06 Feb-06
Tank 332 Roof Platform. Walkway & Handrailing @ OTS  Dec-05 Jan-06
Tank 332 @ Oiltanking Oct-05 Dec-05
Oiltanking Singapore Limited
Project Name Start End
Painting & Draw New  Lot On New Refurnishing car park Area Including Barrier & Wall C/W Signage Painting (PHASE 6) Sep-10 Oct-10
T321 Interior Bottom Plate & 1M Shell Sep-10 Nov-10
Painting Programme for 5 years at Jurong Island Sep-09 Feb-11
T316 Interior Bottom Plate Sep-09 Oct-09
T312 Interior Bottom Plate Aug-09 Sep-09
Painting on Cabin Container & Draw car park Lot for Phase 6 May-09 May-09
Painting Programme for 5 years at Jurong Island Jan-05 Dec-10
Changi Airport Fuel Hydrant Installation Pte. Ltd.
Project Name Start End
Repair & Painting of CAFHI Jetty Pipe Line Dec-10 Jan-11
Suction Pipe & Tank 13 & 14 Valves Repair Painting Work Dec-09 Dec-09
Additional Work For Suction Line Dec-09 Jan-10
Pressure Line Dec-09 Jan-10
Tank Form 1 Painting Work force Piping & Valve for Tank 1 & 2 Jun-09 Jul-09
Fastweld Engineering Construction Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Shell Pandan SPC - TK 07 Interna & External Blasting & Painting Works Mar-11 In Progress
Painting Pipelines @ CAFHI Tank farm 3 to 10 Feb-08 Apr-08
Blasting & Painting - Total Petrochemical (Tank 191 / 116 / 113) Jan-08 Feb-08
Painting of Jetty Trestle at Jetty 1 & Jetty 2 Jul-07 Sep-08
Tank Internal Painting work for CAFHI Tank No. 8 Jul-05 Aug-05
UTOC Engineering Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Mitsui C3-PJ Jan-10 Jan-10
Painting Works for SPT SAR-X & DIB Project Feb-09 Oct-10
Foster Wheeler Runway Beams @ Sakra - Jurong Island Mar-08 Jun-08
Field Painting Work at SPH Expansion Project at MPS Plant Apr-07 Aug-07
Shop and site painting at CRYSTAL - Tate and Lyle At Pulau Sakra. Sep-05 Mar-06
Jurong Engineering Ltd
Project Name Start End
Exxon Mobil SPOX Project ( Stencilling & Equipment Lettering) Dec-10 Jan-11
Exxon Mobil SPOX Project (Site Manpower Supply) Jul-10 Dec-10
Exxon Mobil SPOX Project Shop Work Aug-09 Sep-10
Painting at Seraya Stage 1 Orimulsion Project at Jurong Island Jul-04 Feb-05
Overseas Technical Engineering and Construction Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Vopak Penjuru Tank Roof Additional Painting Works Aug-08 Sep-08
Galvanized Operating Platform Painting Work Aug-08 Oct-08
Tank Number Stenciling at Vopak Penjuru - T1500KL & T2500KL Apr-08 Jun-08
Site Painting for 2500KL & 1500KL Tank at Vopak Penjuru Oct-07 Aug-08
Chevron Singapore Ltd
Project Name Start End
Tank Roof (501) Non Skid May-09 May-09
Tank Annular Plate Painting (TK 544) May-09 May-09
Tank Roof (544 / 545 / 547 / 500 / 503 / 504 / 505 / 506 & 507) Non Skid May-09 Aug-09
Balanced Engineering & Construction Pte. Ltd
Project Name Start End
Spray Painting of Membrane for Concrete Tank in Bukom Jan-09 Feb-09
Fu Seng Heng Industries Services
Project Name Start End
Separator Tank May-10 May-10
HLE Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
High Pressure Water Jet and Painting work for Island Pipeline Gas Cold Box (Jurong Island Singapore) Apr-05 Apr-05
Homag Asia Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Ware House Painting Work Oct-10 Oct-10
International Paint Singapore Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Fading Interthane 990 @ Tank Logo Apr-10 May-10
Repainting Works To Oil Tanking Phase 6) Aug-09 Oct-09
Oiltanking Odfjell Terminal Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Project Name Start End
12 Unit C. Steel Dome Roof @ TF 82 Including Fitting Jan-10 Mar-10
Blasting & Painting on Sump Tank Support @ Seraya Jetty 2 Dec-09 Jan-10
Project Name Start End
IPG Water Ballast Tank Painting Works Apr-09 Apr-09
IPG 6" Pipeline Painting Works Apr-09 Apr-09
IPG Cold Box Painting Work Jun-07 Jul-07
Shao Fook Engineering Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
T 1223, 1212 & 1213 Sprinkler & Foam Lines Jul-10 Sep-10
To Provide & Install 2 units Gondola System @ T1223 & T1213 at OTS Jan-10 Jan-10
Powell Industries Asia Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Yanbu Rib External Painting Work Dec-06 Feb-07
Swire Pacific Offshore Operations (Pte) Ltd
Project Name Start End
Painting of 3 Unit of Ariel Compressors A,B, & C @ Loyang Mar-08 Apr-08
Vopak Terminals Singapore Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Maintenance and Repair of Jetty Trestle Pipelines Paint Works at VTS-Sarka Terminal Singapore May-06 Sep-06
Weldtools Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Fuji Oil Tank 315 & 507 External Painting Work Dec-08 Jan-09
Y S Supplies Pte Ltd
Project Name Start End
Fitting, Raw Pipe Painting Aug-08 Dec-08
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